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There is a list of medications containing "Levofloxacin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Levofloxacin medications The last trade name of products
AB-Cin AB-Cin - Aksolox Aksolox
Albactin Albactin - Aliv Aliv
Alixin Alixin - Apoflox Apoflox
Ariflox Ariflox - Atof Atof
Atolf Atolf - Axolox Axolox
Bacifle Bacifle - Bayuflox Bayuflox
B-Cin B-Cin - Bestquin Bestquin
Bexus Bexus - Ceflox Ceflox
Celador Celador - Crolev Crolev
Cubac Cubac - Day-5 Day-5
Dayking Dayking - Dulev Dulev
Duraxcin Duraxcin - E-Lev E-Lev
Elflox Elflox - Elvox Elvox
Enaflox Enaflox - Eurolocin Eurolocin
Evabit Evabit - Evos Evos
Evosys Evosys - Feelix Feelix
Fevasan Fevasan - Flofin Flofin
Flolev Flolev - Floxacap Floxacap
Floxacom Floxacom - Floxitan Floxitan
Floxlevo Floxlevo - Fyflox Fyflox
Fylone Fylone - Glenasin Glenasin
Glevonix Glevonix - Havcin Havcin
Hawk Hawk - Ikaquix Ikaquix
Ilox Ilox - Intas-Levo Intas-Levo
Iovanic Iovanic - Joycin Joycin
Kafila Kafila - Klever Klever
Klevoxin Klevoxin - Lamiwin Lamiwin
Lanko Lanko - Laxiflox Laxiflox
Lazanol Lazanol - Leafy (Healthkind Labs) Leafy (Healthkind Labs)
Leafy (Human Life Sciences) Leafy (Human Life Sciences) - Lecon (Antiseptic Pharmaceuticals) Lecon (Antiseptic Pharmaceuticals)
Lecon (Milimax Healthcare) Lecon (Milimax Healthcare) - Leebonn Leebonn
Leecin Leecin - Leemax Leemax
Leenavo Leenavo - Lefame Lefame
Lefcin Lefcin - Leflonex Leflonex
Leflotec Leflotec - Leflox Leflox
Lefloxin Lefloxin - Lefoxin Lefoxin
Lefxacin Lefxacin - Lenab Lenab
Lenmital Lenmital - Leocin (Mega Pharmaceuticals) Leocin (Mega Pharmaceuticals)
Leocin (Vatican Life Sciences) Leocin (Vatican Life Sciences) - Le-One Le-One
Leovin Leovin - Lesacin Lesacin
Lesaflox Lesaflox - Levag Levag
Levagim Levagim - Levatazet Levatazet
Levator Levator - Leverni Leverni
Levesta Levesta - Levite Levite
Levix Levix - Levoaid Levoaid
Levoapt Levoapt - Levober Levober
Levobest Levobest - Levocan Levocan
Levocap Levocap - Levocil Levocil
Levocin Levocin - Levocom Levocom
Levocon Levocon - Levodak Levodak
Levodantina Levodantina - Levodug Levodug
Levoeye Levoeye - Levoff Levoff
Levofin Levofin - Levoflox (Belco Pharma) Levoflox (Belco Pharma)
Levoflox (Memphis Company) Levoflox (Memphis Company) - Levofloxacin (AXA Parenterals) Levofloxacin (AXA Parenterals)
Levofloxacin (Bedford Laboratories) Levofloxacin (Bedford Laboratories) - Levofloxacin (Dexa Medica Pharm & Chem) Levofloxacin (Dexa Medica Pharm & Chem)
Levofloxacin (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) Levofloxacin (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) - Levofloxacin (Hospira) Levofloxacin (Hospira)
Levofloxacin (Ikapharmindo Putramas) Levofloxacin (Ikapharmindo Putramas) - Levofloxacin (Mylan) Levofloxacin (Mylan)
Levofloxacin (New Horizon Rx Group) Levofloxacin (New Horizon Rx Group) - Levofloxacin (Sandoz) Levofloxacin (Sandoz)
Levofloxacin (Sicor Pharmaceuticals) Levofloxacin (Sicor Pharmaceuticals) - Levofloxacin in Dextrose 5% in plastic container (ACS Dobfar) Levofloxacin in Dextrose 5% in plastic container (ACS Dobfar)
Levofloxacin in Dextrose 5% in plastic container (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) Levofloxacin in Dextrose 5% in plastic container (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) - Levofloxacina (Farmoz Sociedade Tecnico-Medicinal) Levofloxacina (Farmoz Sociedade Tecnico-Medicinal)
Levofloxacina (Generis Farmaceutica) Levofloxacina (Generis Farmaceutica) - Levofloxacina (Sandoz) Levofloxacina (Sandoz)
Levofloxacina (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios) Levofloxacina (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios) - Levofloxacine (Biogaran) Levofloxacine (Biogaran)
Levofloxacine (Cristers) Levofloxacine (Cristers) - Levofloxacine (Zentiva) Levofloxacine (Zentiva)
Levofloxacine (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) Levofloxacine (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) - Levofloxacino (Apotex) Levofloxacino (Apotex)
Levofloxacino (Aurobindo) Levofloxacino (Aurobindo) - Levofloxacino (EMS Industria Farmaceutica) Levofloxacino (EMS Industria Farmaceutica)
Levofloxacino (Eurofarma Laboratorios) Levofloxacino (Eurofarma Laboratorios) - Levofloxacino (IPS Farma) Levofloxacino (IPS Farma)
Levofloxacino (Kern Pharma) Levofloxacino (Kern Pharma) - Levofloxacino (Pharmathen) Levofloxacino (Pharmathen)
Levofloxacino (Premium Pharma) Levofloxacino (Premium Pharma) - Levofloxacino (Stada) Levofloxacino (Stada)
Levofloxacino (Support Pharma) Levofloxacino (Support Pharma) - Levofloxacino Hibrel Levofloxacino Hibrel
Levofloxacino Serraclinics Levofloxacino Serraclinics - Levogem Levogem
Levogen Levogen - Levogyl Levogyl
Levohawk Levohawk - Levoken Levoken
Levokos Levokos - Levolex Levolex
Levolife Levolife - Levom Levom
Levomac Levomac - Levomed Levomed
Levomerc Levomerc - Levon (Relief Formulations) Levon (Relief Formulations)
Levon (Swiss Pharma) Levon (Swiss Pharma) - Levonic (Bionics Remedies) Levonic (Bionics Remedies)
Levonic (Nicholas Laboratories) Levonic (Nicholas Laboratories) - Levopath Levopath
Levopax Levopax - Levoq Levoq
Levoquim Levoquim - Levorim Levorim
Levorish Levorish - Levosat Levosat
Levoscot Levoscot - Levosmi Levosmi
Levosnell Levosnell - Levosta (Medilife Pharma) Levosta (Medilife Pharma)
Levosta (Mestra Pharma) Levosta (Mestra Pharma) - Levotab Levotab
Levotac Levotac - Levotec (Technica Labs & Pharma) Levotec (Technica Labs & Pharma)
Levotec (United Biotech) Levotec (United Biotech) - Levotop Levotop
Levotop PF Levotop PF - Levotum Levotum
Levotus Levotus - Levowok Levowok
Levox Levox - Levoxacin Levoxacin
Levoxal Levoxal - Levoxy Levoxy
Levozac Levozac - Lev-X Lev-X
Levyan Levyan - Lexacin (Infermed) Lexacin (Infermed)
Lexacin (Shince Pharmaceuticals) Lexacin (Shince Pharmaceuticals) - LF LF
LFC LFC - Lifoxid Lifoxid
Lifoxim Lifoxim - Lipep Lipep
Lisace Lisace - Livestar Livestar
Livin Livin - Livoking Livoking
Livomax Livomax - Livort Livort
Livosan Livosan - Livovar Livovar
Livoven Livoven - Livozox Livozox
Livxin Livxin - Locus Locus
Lofel Lofel - Lotoflox Lotoflox
Lotor Lotor - Loxeva Loxeva
Loximat Loximat - Lqueen (Zenacts Pharma) Lqueen (Zenacts Pharma)
Lqueen (Zenetica Pharma) Lqueen (Zenetica Pharma) - Luvo Luvo
LVX LVX - Mafox Mafox
Mariflox Mariflox - Melev Melev
Melevo Melevo - Monlevoxa Monlevoxa
Monoflox Monoflox - Myroleve Myroleve
Mytiflox Mytiflox - Niaquin Niaquin
Nirliv Nirliv - Nulevo Nulevo
Nu-Levo Nu-Levo - Oliv Oliv
O-Liv O-Liv - Osibact Osibact
Ovelcin Ovelcin - Phileo Phileo
Plazen Plazen - Prixar Prixar
Prosxaflo Prosxaflo - Qlena Qlena
Q-Lif Q-Lif - Quinofres Quinofres
Quinolev Quinolev - Quvoxin Quvoxin
Ram-Flox-L Ram-Flox-L - Revocin (Reko Pharmaceuticals) Revocin (Reko Pharmaceuticals)
Revocin (RSR Healthcare) Revocin (RSR Healthcare) - Safelevo Safelevo
Safquin Safquin - Savelox Savelox
Sayvof Sayvof - Softil Softil
Solevo Solevo - Stoliv Stoliv
Sulagio Sulagio - Tavacin Tavacin
Tavaflox Tavaflox - Thelox Thelox
Titech Titech - Trulevo Trulevo
Truxa Truxa - UF-Lev UF-Lev
Ultramycin Ultramycin - Uvoflox Uvoflox
Vaflox Vaflox - Vinz Vinz
Vizor Vizor - Vohecin Vohecin
Voksec Voksec - Volexin Volexin
Volfloxacin Volfloxacin - Voxa Voxa
Voxcen Voxcen - W-Levo W-Levo
Woff Woff - Zentor Zentor
Zeras Zeras - Zyle Zyle

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